Sunday, October 9, 2011

DVD Burning is a pain in the ass.

Every single dvd burning software is full of bugs, bloatware, spyware, bugs and bloatware, bugs and spyware, or bugs and bloatware and spyware.  No exceptions.

They all require me to jump through hoops just to get their basic fucking functions to work-- just to burn data to a dvd so I can back up files and save space on my hard drive.

Every single time I try to burn a dvd something goes wrong and I have to spend hours fixing it-- and, inevitably, the customer service of every single one of these programs sucks more proverbial ass than a gay black hole with a scat fetish, telling you a few basic things you need to do, then ignoring you after you say you've done them (or just repeating them, which means they're probably actually forum bots rather than real human beings).  

ArcSoft, Nero, DeepBurner,  CDBurnerXP-- no exceptions.  They're all like this.  Why the hell can't someone create a simple, barebones dvd burner for backing up files that actually WORKS without having to reconfigure your computer a dozen times and restart it half another?