Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some notes and brainstorming

Bored and insomniac, ergo, this blog post.  Brainstorming ideas about Homestuck, because a friend got me in the mood for it.  As such, this will be a very, very different blog post.  It's unlikely that anything will come from this, but it is a fun exercise nonetheless.

Melissia Solanace

  • Mage of Void
  • "Messiah of Ignorance", "Prophet of Mystery", "Saint of the Unknown"
  • Prophetic visions of unknown events and locations.
  • Natural illusion-based powers. 
  • God tier powers focusing on reducing knowledge, obscuring things, etc.
  • Uses revolvers as a weapon.  Secondary type being daggers, due to focus on practicality.
  • Plothook:  Visions of her planet keep showing up, until she has explored it all, and pacified the violence on it, allowing her to grow in to her class.
"Your name is MELISSIA SOLANACE. Today is your WRIGGLING DAY, a momentous day to anyone who cares. Which most assuredly is not you. 
What you DO care about, however, are your varied and numerous INTERESTS. You have a passion for FANTASY MOST BIZARRE, especially for the much-derided BRIGHTHOPEFUL WARGAMING SCENE, for which you collect and paint ELEGANTLY CRAFTED MINIATURES. You like to play COMPUTER GAMES, especially VIOLENT ONES. This is appropriate, because you are described as so FULL OF RAGE that you could make a lower class troll bleed to death through SHEER HATE. Related to hatred and rage, you find other trolls UTTERLY ABHORRENT, and you have to struggle against your BLINDING HATE in order to not murder most of them due to your royal purple blood. Also due to your royal purple blood is your astounding MARTIAL PROWESS, which you use to wield ROTARY CANNONS which also happen to be REVOLVERS. 
With said MARTIAL PROWESS you are surely destined to join the powerful yet wild and unpredictable band of MAVERICORSAIRS in time. Or you would, if they had not involved themselves in one of your favorite literary tools, the GLORIOUS LAST STAND. You do happen to love LAST STANDS and REVOLVERS and related to these you also enjoy a particular, peculiar, and obscure genre of movies called WESTERNS from an alien culture so few have learned about and will NEVER BE RELEVANT TO ANYTHING THAT EVER HAPPENS TO ANY TROLLS EVER. Your trolltag is terminalAnimus, and you type in extremely proper grammar, despising such non-sense as contractions and compound words. You also have a fondness for FINE SUITS and FORMAL WEAR, of which you are unique amongst trolls for your impeccable dress. 
You are soon to wear one such FINE SUIT in a game with trolls you do not abhor enough to consider immediately killing them. What do you do?"

Remaining characters, question marks indicating the most unsure parts are.

Elazarus Skiernos (?)
  • Knight of Heart
  • "Defender of Souls"
  • Protects other players from harm, especially preventing destruction of their dream-selves (?)
  • Strong martial prowess, intuitively understands dreamworld.
  • God tier powers help keep other players from dying (?)
  • Uses umbrellas as a weapon, due to a strife specibus mix-up early on.
  • Assists with frog breeding.
  • Plothook:  Has to defeat a soul-destroying monster and confront their own mortality?  Seems too cliche, but it fits with what is known about the Knight class thus far.
???????? ????????
  • Rogue of Light
  • Able to steal luck in order to help teammates.
  • Possible fixation on romantic interests (?)
  • Uses a staff as a weapon, quarterstaff style.  
  • Doesn't likely get along well with the Mage of Void.
  • Plothook:  Has to make sure love interest sees the error of their ways, perhaps?  Or possibly has to overcome obsession with romance and give up their chase in order to help the group?
???????? ????????
  • Thief of Time
  • Steals time to benefit self.
  • Possibly quite selfish (?), if well-meaning in the end.
  • Uses stolen time to create time loops and perform time based shenanigans.
  • Beat Mesa equivalent for performing the Scratch.
  • Uses an edged weapon, related to her ability to start the Scratch if necessary.
  • Perhaps a hatchet, matching her thief/bandit theme?
  • Plothook:  Mistakenly believes they stole the time of a region of their planet; the region is actually "locked" in time, and she has to "break in" like a thief.

???????? ????????
  • Witch of Breath
  • Manipulates force, "the windy thing"
  • Offensively very powerful, can destroy massive amounts of enemies very easily.
  • Friendly, but awkward.  
  • Pre-emptive dream-self awakening?
  • Uses "magic" daggers as weapon (keris/kris/kalis style?), perhaps helping Mage of Void with obtaining a more functional kind for her strife portfolio.
  • Plothook:  Must attempt to unlock her "magical" power by learning to manipulate The Breath / The Windy Thing, to clear the diseased fog of her planet?
???????? ????????
  • Maid of Rage
  • Capable of vastly increasing her rage and combat prowess, especially offensively.  
  • Very hard to kill, but has weird shenanigans around her dream self and real self.
  • Very polite and nice person, until she awakens her god tier powers.
  • After awakening, she becomes a handful for her moirail (Mage of Void?)
  • Uses a bastard sword as a weapon.
  • Plothook:  Something keeps happening, or several things both minor and major, that eventually cause her to snap in a terrifying murderous rage, which she must learn to control, almost as an opposite to the Mage of Void.
???????? ????????
  • Heir of Space
  • Has control of size and mass of various objects.
  • Stokes the session's forge.
  • Frog breeding duties.
  • Makes use of a club/mace or shield, is somewhat brutish at least in combat.  
  • Plothook:  Clumsy and introspective, the Heir makes many mistakes which hurt both himself and his fellow players.  Eventually, though, he grows to become a very powerful player, making perfect use of his space powers.  Perhaps it is because of the frog breeding?
???????? ????????
  • Sylph of Life
  • Helps others heal, shares abundant life force, etc.  Perhaps can revive teammates?
  • Very friendly, down to earth type, probably enjoys sharing information.
  • Uses something silly as her weapon, perhaps a broken bottle picked up out of necessity?
  • Plothook:  Has to try to create life from her lifeless home and planet?