Thursday, November 18, 2010

A newbie's experience in Global Agenda

Well, I don't have much else to post at the moment, so rather than let this die, I'm gonna go and review my experience, week by week, with Global Agenda.

I tried out the trial of Global Agenda two days ago, and purchased it yesterday based off of my experience.  There are a few things I dislike thus far-- such as the lack of headshots when using sniper rifles-- but overall I actually rather enjoy the game.  The female models are slightly oversexualized, but viewing them from behind (as one does when playing their character) it's not so blatant.  Of the four classes, Recon and Robotics are the two that I enjoy the most.  This probably matches with my love of Spy, Sniper, and Engineer in Team Fortress 2.  The graphics are nice, often being very colorful and enjoyable to look at compared to the usual rigmarole of  brown and grey of the FPS Genre these days.  Still, unfortunately there's a lot of brown and grey in the newbie area, which is a desert with a lot of junk towns.  I'm hoping this improves and becomes more visually impressive as I move on to a new area.

To explain the classes to those who haven't played the game, in reference to TF2:

Assault:  Standard soldier type.  In reference to TF2, they'd be a combination of  Soldier and Heavy.  They wield a two-handed axe for a melee weapon, a battle rifle for their main weapon, and for their support weapon they wield either a minigun or a launcher.  The launcher allows one to zoom in for longer-ranged attacks, and the minigun has two firing modes, one which knocks opponents back and another which does more damage to mechanical units ("EMP burn").  They can absorb the most damage of the various classes.

Recon:  A scout sniper type.  In reference to TF2, they'd be a combination of Spy and Sniper.  They wield a sword for a melee weapon, and either a scoped SMG/Assault Rifle or a Sniper rifle for their ranged weapon.  They also have a stealth ability, which allows them to move faster and invisible while active, but as it counts as a third weapon they cannot attack while using it and have to switch out fo it in order to attack.  They have some interesting support abilities, such as firebombs, mines, and self buffs.

Medic is the class I haven't played yet. I assume, based off of the abilities I have seen, tahat they are like a combination of Medic and engineer, having healing abilities as well as being able to set down healing nodes.  I, however, am not a Medic player, it is a class I do not enjoy playing no matter the setting.

Finally, Robotics.  Robotics appears to be an Engineer class, but I need to playl more of it.  They choose between a mobile robot and a sentry gun, and use their robotic arm on their shoulder to repair them.  They look to have a very interesting playstyle.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.  Eventually I'll work my way into the PvP aspect, but for this week, I'm going to stick with the PvE aspect, perhaps joining small teams.

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