Friday, August 22, 2014

Hypocrisy and the religious right

The fucking hypocrisy of the religious right in America is practically vomit-inducing at this point.  

Religious right households have a tendency to kick GBLT children out on the street so that they're homeless at a VASTLY higher rate than any other segment of the population.  At the same time, the people within the movement are attacking anyone who is homeless as lazy bums who need to get a job.  However, when the GBLT young adults try to get a job, the religious right is firing them from it just for being GBLT in the first place, and fighting tooth and nail against putting protections against that so that they can actually work and make a living-- all the while they're also also trying to tear down hate crime laws so that the violent criminals who attack homeless people can be as violently homophobic as they want and practically get away with it.

Jesus wept.

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