Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Because I don't feel like writing anything this month.  So here have an image macro:

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  1. And I rarely see pro-abortionists trying to help the second category. They're invariably working to kill them off at the previous stage. I also see pro-life people working to help the latter category as well. Of course then you get the academics who argue that killing the child on the right isn't wrong either.

    It is also a fallacious argument.

    Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that I were wildly anti-Semitic, I didn't like Jews, I wouldn't want my daughter marrying a Jew, I wouldn't want a Jew living in my community. Then someone comes along and tells me that they want to kill all Jews, and I say no, because while I don't care for Jews personally, I'm opposed to killing other human beings. Now sure, I might be morally wrong for my own prejudices, but that doesn't make me wrong to oppose killing human beings. The technical term is non sequitur.

    Practically speaking a woman doesn't usually know she's pregnant until the developing fetus is well past the pictured stage, this is how they look at eight weeks. It's a picture chosen specifically to denigrate their humanity. You can't really claim to be speaking for civil rights if you're arbitrarily limiting your definition of human beings. That is, after all, what slave owners did. They believed in equal rights for all men, but they didn't believe slaves rose to that level.